Hyde Park Hero

Student Hero Joe Janney foils Hyde Park robbery


Leeds Uni student Joe Janney is being labelled as “Hyde Park’s Batman” after stopping a would-be thief from robbing a family whilst they moved their daughter into her Hyde Park home.

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The incident, which happened on Saturday 15 September, started when the third year business management student was moving into his house on Ash Grove.

After seeing someone in a balaclava peering into cars and generally acting shifty, Joe decided to keep an eye on them.

And when the balaclava-clad man smashed the driver’s-side window of a parked 4×4, Joe bolted from his upstairs room towards the man who was still looting the vehicle..

Realising that Joe was on to him, the man began to flee the scene of the crime with a handbag and several other items from the car.

a reconstruction of the event

Ignoring the man’s claims of having a knife, Joe made chase and managed to tackle the man over a hedge, causing him to drop the stolen items. Upon realising he was fighting a losing battle, the wannabe criminal ran away, allowing Joe to return the stolen items to a very grateful family.

Asked what made him risk his safety, Joe told The Tab:

“I didn’t want to be the type of person who stands by and lets people get away with petty crimes like this”

“Don’t cower away in your house and be a lazy student. Become an active part in your community and do what you can.”

The police enquiry continues.