Pret queues too long? We’ve got the rundown of the best coffee spots in Exeter

Strap in babes, we’re about to go for a whistle stop tour x

Exetah is best known for its blonde haired, Pret-queueing inhabitants with a phat trust fund. What isn’t as well known is the amount of great study spots scattered across the city, with much better coffee than a (now £25) Pret subscription could ever achieve. Inflation’s a bitch x

Time to invest in a better caffeine source that you don’t have to queue 40 mins for? We think so.

Chando’s Deli

In first place is Chando’s Deli, a gorgeous sun-spot in the centre of Exeter with a unique and ever-evolving menu.  The sourdough sandwiches are delicious, with plenty of vegan options and an option to have each sandwich toasted. Chando’s focus on fresh, locally roasted beans and produce to create incredible coffees and innovative dishes that you will keep returning for!

This spot has earned not one, but three photo features just to highlight how incredible it truly is.

Out of all of the cafés in Exeter, the coffee here is consistently good. The milk is always sweet and foamed to perfection, which neutralises the bitterness of the coffee to create the most balanced, perfect drink you can imagine.

One downside to this spot is that it’s a cult favourite with locals, so you better get there early if you want to get a sandwich or a seat outside on a sunny day. Warning: might attract hungry puppies.

Follow Chando’s on Instagram for their latest and greatest. 

Pura Vida

Coming in next is the holy grail. After a late one at TP, too many drinks and another Overheard scam down, there is nothing better than crawling to the safe haven that is Pura Vida for the most incredible pancakes of your life. The food is top-notch and at a student friendly price, which ticks all of our boxes. The music and atmosphere are unbeatable, which begs the question of why anyone would set foot in Pret, Costa or Starbucks over this independent gem. The decor alone makes me feel like I’m back on my gap-yah at a surf spot on Siargao Island.

Check out Pura Vida’s Instagram here to keep up with what’s going on!

Sacred Grounds

Next up is the spenniest offering so far. Sacred Grounds is a fully plant-based, Insta-worthy spot which is classy enough to take your mum if she pops down to visit.

The food is so unique to this spot; nowhere else in Exeter will you find gluten free, vegan pancakes topped with a fake egg and aubergine bacon.

The coffee is amazing, not too bitter and reliably amazing each time. Regardless of your dietary preferences, this place has something for everyone. I would highly recommend exploring the arcade and all the independent shops that Fore Street has to offer afterwards (especially Cake or Death, THE best brownies you will ever experience).

Check out Sacred Grounds here. 

Crankhouse Roast

Another must-mention is Crankhouse Roast, also on Fore Street. It’s a trek from campus but honestly, the coffee is so worth it. With multiple tasting options and an option to sit and watch the beans roast whilst sipping on your coffee, it’s a great spot before heading out on a windy quayside walk.

The owners are coffee-pros, and you can even take some of the coffee roasts home with you to make your own coffee if you have your life that together (spoiler: I don’t).

Visit Crankhouse Roast here to clue up on beans. 

The (Tiny) Tasting Room

Another great spot a stone’s throw from the Cathedral is The (Tiny) Tasting Room. A lesser-known study spot with great tables and charging spots upstairs, this spot is slowly taking Waterstones’ crown for being a great place for a study date. The beans are locally roasted, and there are always plant based milks on offer. Plus, I’ve never had a bad cup of coffee from here and reliability is a rare quality these days.

Plus, the plants, local artwork and great music make this little place a fantastic escape from the everyday uni grind, especially if you’re regretting your UCAS choices by going for PPE instead of something artsy (aren’t we all?)

Check out the (Tiny) Tasting Room here.