Here are Exeter Uni’s best moustaches from Movember 2021

Exeter raised an amazing £127,567.50

Exeter Uni smashed Movember, raising more money than any other university in the UK.

Three Exeter sports clubs were in the top 20 of all participating teams in the UK.

These were Exeter University Association Football Club in 8th place with £16,616, Exeter University Men’s Cricket Club in 16th place with £12,626, and Exeter University Rugby Club in 20th place with £11,350.

As of December 1st, the official University of Exeter Movember page stated that the uni raised an amazing £127,567.50 for the cause. This was over double what Nottingham – the uni with the second highest amount of money – raised.

With such incredible efforts in mind, let’s have a look at some of this year’s best ‘taches and fundraising events.

Exeter University Trampoline Club

As well as growing impressive facial hair, EUTC also ran to Dawlish Warren to raise money and participated in the Big Dip.

Teddy, second year, Geography

Nice before and after shots for you.

Exeter University Boxing

Image via Sophie Wesley

Image via Sophie Wesley

Boxing raised £1,359 as a club for Movember.

Felix and Exeter Uni Surf

Fundraising in action.

Con Cook x Movember

Image via Sadie Pitcher

Image via Sadie Pitcher

Conor organised a gig at Gandy’s with all proceeds going directly to Movember. He performed alongside other student artists and raised £1,255.02.

Oren, third year, German and History

Oren participated in Movember from afar this year, whilst on his year abroad in Germany.

Matthew, Muay Thai, second year, Economics

Matthew tells us over the month he did 10,000 press ups and ran 100km for the cause.

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