They’re not the WW2 bomb, but this week’s Looks in Lockdown is still explosive

We are heading into Spring style with a BANG

It’s our tenth edition of Looks in Lockdown, and we hoped we would have had to change the name by now. Alas here we are, still in lockdown, and the title still works. At least we have some fashion retail therapy for you!

Whether last week was full of sunshine and beach days for you, or you were evacuated to a hotel to escape the bomb, we hope that this edition is a positive start to what will most likely be a more normal, and boring week. Fingers crossed the sunshine doesn’t go away.

We have jeans, layering and funky skirts for you, so just have a scroll and enjoy!

Marion, third year, Law: @marion_oj 

Like many other Exeter students, Marion uses a trip to campus as an excuse to change out of pyjamas and be productive. Let’s just say, she does it in style. This is Marion’s Look in Lockdown because she told us she wants “to be comfortable but feel cute”. Our favourite part of her outfit, the chocolate houndstooth vest, is coincidentally her favourite as well. Marion loves the colour and the houndstooth style. The vest is from PrettyLittleThing and she layers it on top of a shirt from Depop. The lower half of her outfit is made up of a black skater skirt from New Look and tights. She completes the look perfectly with a chunky boot from Topshop.  

Marion stated that she does not have a favourite designer because she’s broke. Aren’t we all! However, her go to shop was Topshop (may it rest in peace), and she loves a good search on Depop as much as the rest of us.

Megsy, second year, Business Management: @megsy_knowles

Instead of campus being the place to be for Megsy this year, it seems Tesco is. Megsy tells us: “This is my lockdown look because it’s comfy but still feels like I’ve made an effort. I love putting outfits together, just because everything is shut doesn’t mean I can’t look good for the people in Tesco”.

One of Megsy’s favourite things to do is layer different colours and fabrics. As we remember all too well, she tells us you always have to wear layers in Exeter as you’ll be cold at the bottom of Cardiac Hill, yet boiling when you get to the top of it! We don’t miss it. Her white tee is from Nasty Gal, the black cami is a hand-me-down Brandy Melville piece and her blue jeans are vintage. We cannot forget to give her Buffalo London platform stompers a special mention, which work well with her ASOS bag. Megsy is also into wearing sustainable accessories, with her belt being from a small local business in Yorkshire where her family live.

When asked who her favourite designer is, Megsy joked that Pinterest should count as she feels like it is more fun to get inspiration from everywhere, ranging from vintage kilo sales to high street shops. A good mix of both is our suggestion!

Will, first year, History: @willusherwoodbliss

Will enjoys a mix of casual and classy when it comes to his personal style. He loves the pairing of white with blue as a colour combination, which he achieves with his Topman sweatshirt and Topman formal trackies. Yet again, RIP. In his opinion, the best part of his look is his Diesel prescription sunglasses. Will told us that these sunnies mean “I am not blinded by either the sun or my own eyes”. He completes his look with Ralph Lauren shoes.

Although he is wearing nothing from there in this outfit, his favourite collection to date is Lewis Hamilton’s Tommy Hilfiger collection. He loves the designs and bold colour combinations, saying “they are insane!” We know the Zendaya collection was amazing, so we shall be sure to check it out.

Rachel, second year, Art History: @rachelglover7

Copped from Depop, Rachel’s statement pink coat might be our favourite item this week. Also bought from the app are the flares which were originally from a vintage Italian brand. Her brown top, the colour of the moment, is from Subdued. She completes this seasonal look with layered necklaces and platform Doc Martens, which are her favourite piece as she “loves a chunky shoe”.

Although she has started spending more time on Depop, Rachel tells us that she doesn’t think her fashion sense has changed massively over the various lockdowns. Her main source of fashion inspo is Pinterest at the moment, although she also credits campus fashion as another. That Pret queue might be the best dressed queue we’ve ever seen.

Alex, second year, Exercise and Sports Science: @alex.h.richardson

This is Alex’s Look in Lockdown because, as he put it: “The fit looks good, but doesn’t compromise on my comfort”. Alex, just like your beloved writers, is a massive fan of Fred Perry collections. Therefore, it’s no surprise that his favourite part of the outfit is his Fred Perry jumper, closely followed by his Palace X Rebook shoes, which he thinks are “different but subtle”.

Inspiration wise, Alex says: “I don’t really have a favourite designer or a shop but where I get things from depends on the item”. He likes to get hoodies, jumpers and t-shirts from Depop in particular.

Rida, second year, Law: @rid.a

Rida tells us her style has “flipped” over lockdown as she used to be into “patterned trousers and plainer tops”, and didn’t own a pair of jeans until mid last year! What did she wear for Jeans for Genes day?! Today’s look, however, was inspired by the colder weather and the fact she’s got into layering colour in terms of tops, jumpers and – in true Exeter fashion – quarter zips. Rida’s top is from Urban Outfitters, her ripped jeans are Depop but originally PrettyLittleThing, and trainers are Nike. Her earrings are from a small business called @shop__resin.

Rida’s brown coat is her favourite item as she tells us she’d “been looking for a winter coat for a while and this just fell into [her] lap on a charity shop run”, and was only £7! Such a steal. She tells us it was way too big and so she had it tailored for around £30, but “the brand (Daks) is pretty sick and the quality is insane so definitely worth it”.

Rida credits her mates for her style inspiration – “guys and girls alike” – and tells us: “Being around a lot of cool people allows me to explore my sense of style a bit more (especially because I can borrow all their clothes)”. We are jelly of your friend group!

Miranda, second year, Maths: @mirandahanham

Miranda is currently obsessed with small businesses, vowing to only buy from them for the foreseeable future. In this look, Miranda is mostly wearing items from small businesses. Her top is from Jessibare, and matches her skirt from Omighty, a website with an interesting layout but incredible pieces. This is definitely one of them. She also makes platform Crocs fashionable and wants them to get a special mention. Here’s their special mention. Her accessories are just as vibrant as the clothes, with her necklace from Emps Emporium.

For anyone looking to make a difference in their fashion buying habits, Miranda says that buying from small businesses is, “incredibly rewarding and you notice that you are actually making a difference”. Her favourite shops at the moment are Jessibare and Emps Emporium. If you do want to know about any other small businesses then have a look at her insta highlights! We’ve already stalked them.

Sam, second year, French: @samwdent

Sam’s white jumper and cord trousers were both copped from Depop. He completes the look with classic black Air Forces. His white sweater is his favourite item as it’s super comfy and versatile. We think it looks summery, yet also really warm.

He admits he has made a conscious effort to become “less of a posh twat” over the lockdowns, as he confesses he’s swapped out his Exetah loafers and collared shirts for clothes that his parents aren’t fans of. Rebellion, we love to see it. As we all do at the moment, he gets his inspo from the people he sees around campus. The Tab wasn’t wrong when it crowned Exe students with the title of best fashion sense. You guys are welcome.

Sarah, second year, English: @sarahbrook.s

Another master of the art of layering is Sarah. She wears a top from Depop under her Urban Outfitters tie up cardigan, a stylish look indeed. Sarah’s velvet trousers, which she copped at Zara, are her favourite part of the look as she tells us velvet is on trend at the moment and she loves the colour. Sarah finishes the look with a fluffy jacket, also from Urban. We can’t wait for the shop to reopen on the high street.

Sarah tells us having more spare time during lockdown led her to use Depop far more frequently, and so she credits the app for being the place she gets fashion inspiration from. Her friends also influence her style, which is a common theme in this edition.

Chris, second year, Maths: @christiaanwakefield_ 

Chris’ Dsquared2 Icon cap might be the best part of his outfit, as he “found it on a drunk walk home”. Iconic. He layers a vintage shirt from Parade (the sick new vintage store next to Exeter Central) over a white H&M turtleneck. His Primark jeans are his favourite item because he tells us “they didn’t break my bank account like the other pieces did”.

Chris says his fashion sense has changed massively recently, and credits the TikTok algorithm for the shift. He also gets fashion inspiration from specific Instagram accounts and hashtags, including @stonedfits and #outfitplace. Definitely worth checking out!

This has been your tenth Looks in Lockdown!!! We hope you have got some fashion inspo for your week, and here’s to the next 10 editions. If you want to be featured in next week’s one, then message @thetab.exeter on Instagram.

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