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Should the motivational quote in the gym have been removed for being ableist?

Exeter students have been debating the issue

Yesterday we published a story concerning our Sports Park's motivational quote: "There is no shortcut to success. You have to climb the stairs". This sign is being removed after an Exeter student tweeted about it calling it "subtle ableism" and then contacted Sports Park to talk about the negative feelings caused by the sign.

Even though Sports Park staff replied quickly and in favour of removing the sign, some students are not happy.

This article and the decision itself sparked quite a debate. One of the student mentioned that gym has installed a lift, provided walkways that are wide and clear and an entrance to the bottom floor that was opened with disabled people in mind. Therefore, removing the sign seems somewhat excessive.

Others say that removing motivational quotes only because they do not apply to everyone is absurd, as many other students are very motivated and inspired by the quote on their long way to the gym's first floor.

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The main question, however, seems to be "where is the line?" In the world where pretty much anyone can find anything offensive, where do we stop? One of the students said: "Nowadays nothing is considered ridiculous in terms of finding offence."

Is removing the sign that some consider ableist absurd or not? Vote below.