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Why Saturday Lemmy will always be the best night in Exeter

I’m still not over this

From the first time you embark upon the school disco-like venue that is The Lemmy, as a naive 18-year-old Lafrowda (probably) fresher, your life will never quite be the same.

Yes, the music may have been cheesy, and there may have been an odour of puke, but there has to be a reason that Saturday Lemmy was so popular with Exeter students for well over a decade. As the demand for Saturday Lemmy has devastatingly dissipated this academic year, and the Guild have reached a decision to cease its existence, let's remind our broken hearts of why it was just so good.

The Cheap Drinks

The home of the original 3 VKs for £6, it could be argued that The Lemmy was where the Exeter bolt off was born. Students could leave the bar sporting a VK claw knowing they hadn't broken the bank. On top of this, the double up for £1 was also a cracker, allowing yourself to get double drunk and have double the fun.

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With drinks so cheap, why not just pour them all over each other

You could leave the club suitably boozed with having spent less than £15, and if that's not enough to please any student then I don't know what will.

The Stamp System and the close proximity to Lafrowda

The beauty of The Lemmy was that if you were a Lafrowda fresher, or lucky enough to know one, you could go and get your stamp when doors opened at 9pm, then go back and get absolutely binned for three hours, with the stress of queueing not being an issue. If you were really daring, you could even send someone at pres to do a rum run, seeing as it was so bloody close.

With pres being so long, you could get right at home in the small, hot kitchens of lafrowda, and really delve deep into your inventory of drinking games.

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Lafrowda pres were always lit

The perfect venue for fancy dress socials

With the music being cheesy, an eclectic mix of students from different backgrounds, and everyone being too drunk to give a damn, The Lemmy was the perfect place to hold a fancy dress social. People embarrassed themselves on a regular basis at The Lemmy, so why not do it dressed up? Seeing groups of lads in bucket hats and football shirts was a regular occurrence, and it added to the happy, drunk vibe.

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What even is going on here

There's few greater pleasures in life than making a fool of yourself in good company, and visitors to The Lemmy did just that.

Robbie Williams

Angels by Robbie Williams has become nothing short of the University of Exeter's anthem. Finishing off your night at Lemmy with a heartfelt belt to the hit was a rite of passage for drunken students, before you stumbled back home. Listening to Robbie won't ever be the same, I'll be sure to wipe a tear from my eye every time.

What else was there to do on a Saturday night?

Lemmy tonight? Yeah go on then. With locals night in town being a no go zone, The Lemmy provided students with a safe haven, allowing them to know that they can party the night away with fellow students, with familiar faces in every corner you turn. This aside, there's never been much to do in Exeter at the weekend anyway, so knowing that you had a good Lemmy sesh to look forward to could get you through those rough weekdays on campus.

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Look how happy everyone was

So there we have it. The Lemmy was the absolute one and we're not quite sure what to do with ourselves now it's gone. I blame it on the lafrowda freshers for being boring this year and not getting the message that Lemmy is lit. Until next time, Lem.