Exeter are in the top 15 in The Good University Guide 2018

We’re moving up in the world

At the 14th best university in the UK, we are the second best university in the southwest (watch out Bath, it won’t be long before we’re number one).

In the new tables, seen first by The Tab, the only university with a higher student experience ranking in the southwest is UWE, with Exeter only a fraction behind them.

With some universities boycotting the National Students Survey during 2017, Exeter remained, with then enough contributions to show overall, pretty satisfied students with the way life is ticking over. I guess Exeter is the place to be.

Not to mention, when we’ve finished our three or four years of hitting up the town and an occasional lecture, 84.1 per cent of Exeter graduates will be in post-graduate study or professional jobs. Looks like our graduate prospects aren’t looking too shabby, maybe we won’t be in as much debt as we thought.