No Kayne No Gain

Football Social Sec triumphs as BNOC of the Year.

It all came down to one night at Arena. After a month of mass voting, character assassination and bile-filled comments, The Tab last night crowned Kayne Sheppard as their BNOC of the Year 2012.

298 of you voted for Kayne, giving him 35% of the vote. Guild President Nick “Welshy” Davies came in second with 31%, whilst Joe Batten and Hugh “Southpaw” Pickering came in third and fourth with 22% and 11% respectively.

On winning, Kayne was presented with a bottle of bubbly by Dirty Sanchez‘s Pritchard – which he immediately necked in one.

Kayne was ecstatic in victory this morning, claiming “hopefully the fame-induced orgy I’ve just freed myself from is a sign of things to come…this is a victory for the football club, this is a victory for anyone who’s ever felt oppressed and this is a victory for the nice guys.”

Last night’s Dirty Sexy People also saw the return of Pullcam. To see all the pictures, click here!