Teaching Awards 2012

Culture Editor Mark Gibbs gives a rundown of last night’s Teaching Awards ceremony

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Last night saw the third annual Teaching Awards ceremony take place inside both the newly re-opened Forum and Great Hall.
Following a champagne and canope reception provided by Academic Services, students, academics and administrative and managerial staff gathered to celebrate the phenomenal work carried out by the teaching staff here at the University of Exeter.
Following a welcome address from VP Academic Affairs James Eales, the first part of the evening saw eight awards presented to those members of the academic staff that had proven themselves to excel far above the call of duty across this academic year.
The winners were:
– Innovative Teaching: Ian Cook from Geography
– Research Inspired Teaching: Francesca Stavrakopoulou from Theology and Religion
– Best Feedback Provider: Yelena Gedge from Modern Languages
– Supportive Member of Staff: Susan Margetts from Politics
– Best Employability Support : Sarah Hodge from Biosciences , Cornwall Campus
– Change Agents Champion: Jenny Wren from the Business School
– Best Postgraduate Teacher: Bert Bon from Sport and Health Sciences
These were soon followed by the announcement of the two most hotly anticipated categories of the evening:
Best Lecturer and Best Subject.
The winners were:
– Best Lecturer: Tim Rees from History
– Best Subject: English
The Students Guild went on to present an honorary Special Recognition Award to Russel Seal for his tireless work towards bettering the student academic experience at Exeter. Vice-Chancellor Sir Steve Smith stating that “He is without doubt the very best chair of a University governing body you could ever have. He’s ambitious, he’s supportive, he’s friendly, he’s professional, but above all he’s pushed us all to do the very best we can do.”
The evening was terrifically soundtracked throughout by the Exeter University Jazz Orchestra, in addition to a no-nonsense comedy roasting of the University by Exeter Alumni and Guardian Features writer John Crace, ad-libbing a fantastic speech that ensured everybody left the room smiling, award in hand or otherwise.