Gordon Aikman has been occupied by students in support of staff strikes

The occupiers are planning to stay until Friday 25th March

Members of the Edinburgh Staff-Student Solidarity Network, Edinburgh Youth Resistance and Edinburgh University Justice for Palestine Society have occupied the Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre, in support of the UCU strikes.

The students involved with the occupation are planning on living in Gordon Aikman until Friday 25th March, in a protest against staff pension cuts, contracts and pay gaps, as well as the university’s lack of action against climate change.

Alongside the occupation, the group will be hosting events throughout the week, including workshops, teach-outs, reading groups and discussions.

Speaking to The Edinburgh Tab, the group inside Gordon Aikman said: “After smoothly reclaiming the Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre yesterday, the atmosphere inside has been great.

“We had a long meeting where we discussed fire safety, security, safe spaces. Late at night, we received the sweetest message from the person responsible for cleaning the building telling us that they will help us in any way possible.

“Our cleaners are an essential part of our community, yet so often invisible. They deserve our full support, and we humbly stand in solidarity with them”.

In a statement released on the Staff-Student Solidarity Network Instagram yesterday, the group said: “We are reclaiming this building to create a space for students to (un)learn, discuss, debate, and listen to each other.

“From Monday to Friday, in support of the UCU strikes, all students will be welcome to take part in various events we have planned, including workshops, teach-outs, reading groups, and discussions.

“We have decided to take the building two days before the official start of the strikes in order to be able to secure a calm and safe environment before we open the doors to everyone on Monday, which is why we will keep the building closed over the weekend while we prepare everything.”

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