We asked the TikToker who got locked in the CMB if she managed to escape

The Edi student’s TikTok got over 100k views in one day

An Edi student has made a TikTok gloating at being the only one still working in the Chrystal Macmillan Building (CMB), only to realise the front doors were locked and then panic that she was trapped.

The TikTok was posted on Tuesday and has already reached over 140k views and 23k likes.

Liz, a third year Sociology and Social Anthropology student, was working late in the Social and Political Sciences building when she tried to leave via the front doors.

She didn’t know that there was an out of hours exit at the back of the building, so thought she was locked in.

Although not shown in the video, a couple came to her rescue after seeing her struggle and told her about the other way out.

Many of the comments are from fellow SPS students, with the top comment reading: “My fyp is getting a lil too specific how does it know my uni building”.  Another read: “Bestie go to the magic exit by the bathrooms!!!!”

@lizkozx2Karma said shut ur mouth little girl

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Speaking to The Edinburgh Tab, Liz said: “I always say I’m the worst student in Edinburgh, but the other day I actually went into uni to do work and found a space in the CMB.

“I was in the zone, working hard, when I looked about and laughed to myself because the worst student in Edinburgh was the only one in the building still doing work.

“So I started making the TikTok, very proud of myself and slating other Edi students for not putting in the same work as me. But when I decide to leave, the main door was locked, and to my knowledge that was the only door in the CMB and I didn’t know the building closed at 6pm.

“I was also sat close to the front doors so I was very confused as to why no one had told me they were shutting the building. But I was really panicked and the front doors are glass so people on the outside could see I was panicking.

“I was trying to manically open the door when this nice couple walked past and saw me. They came over to tell me I needed to go to the back exit.

“I was extremely surprised that the TikTok blew up because I didn’t use any hashtags, but I was more surprised at how particular the TikTok algorithm is, as in it was sending the video to so many students who actually have classes in the CMB.”

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