If you did these 14 things in Freshers’ Week, you’re officially an Edi student

Forget actually matriculating – these were the real Freshers’ rites of passage


Ah Freshers’ Week. A week of partying, socialising, and really boring welcome talks. But what about all the unwritten rites of passage that mean you’ve been inducted into life as an Edi student?

Whether it’s silly superstitions, finding your way around like a local, or stepping foot inside the depths of Hive there are lots of things that really make you an Edi student.

So, if you did these 14 things in Freshers’ Week, you’re officially an Edi student.

1. Climbed Arthur’s seat

Starting off this list with the absolute number one freshers activity. If you didn’t do this, then I’m sorry. Apparently you’ll either fail your degree or have four years bad luck and bad sex. If you did make it to the top, congrats!

Bonus points if you did it hungover or at sunrise/sunset.

The panting and sweating was worth it for the view tbh

2. Got freshers flu from going out on Cowgate too much

Chances are you’ve had numerous debates with your fellow sick friends about who and where you’ve got it from. The amount of coughing going on in the library implies everyone else is wondering the same thing too.

3. Had to use Google Maps to find your way literally anywhere

While we all want to seem like cool, mysterious locals, it takes a while to work out the fastest way around the city. Until then, surreptitiously checking Google Maps will have to slightly ruin the vibe.

Top tip: if you’re using Google Maps in Old Town, it will get occasionally confused and tell you you’re on the wrong level because of the bridges. So, it’s a good idea to get your bearings asap.

4. Taken vibey Instagram photos to impress your friends from home 

Why else did you come to Edinburgh Uni if not to take pictures of every street corner to impress your friends back home? 

Shout out to Blackford Hill for supplying this vibey photo

5. Been caught out by the 10pm ban on selling alcohol

If you’re not Scottish and used to this already, I can guarantee you ended up running into the corner shop at 9:58pm to try and get drinks in time. Every day you vow to stock up so you wont get caught out and have yet to actually do it.

6. Not brought a coat on your night out and instantly regretted it 

The weather in Edinburgh is strange. One second you’re peeling off layers in the sunshine, the next it’s drizzling, windy and you’re having to beg for extra layers from your mates. Puffer jacket season cannot come soon enough!

7. Shown off your uni tote bag

A moment’s silence for everyone who failed to get one of these from outside the library. If you did bag one (pun intended) you’re either using it everywhere you go, or waiting until you get back home so you can walk around showing it off. 

8. Picked up the worst yah accent

V disappointed I’ll be returning home unironically saying: “rah, where’s my baccy”. 

9. Eaten the weirdest combination of foods for lunch. 

Either you’re in Pollock and convincing yourself you can make the whole two meals a day work, or you’re anywhere else trying to work out how to cook for one. Most lunches currently seem to be made of the things that went or currently are going off which causes some pretty bizarre combos. 

Hummus, broccoli and ham pasta anyone?

10. Walked a lap of the Meadows to pretend you’re being healthy 

Okay, maybe it’s not quite the workout we promised we’d do, but it’s a great way to wake yourself up and absolutely stunning at sunset.

The ultimate hangover cure

12. Signed up for too many societies than you physically have time for 

Let’s face it, the 40,000 different societies you signed up for may have sounded possible on day two of freshers – they were giving out free cake after all. 

But now classes have started, the chances of making it to 15 meetings, 24 socials, and 19 

13. Got free pizza from the Domino’s people outside the library 

Props to them for standing outside in the cold on George Square all day. If you took more than one bag and got more than one free pizza, you have really embraced the student lifestyle – especially if you ate them both in one day. 

14. Promised yourself you wouldn’t end up clubbing that night – then ended up at Hive 

Four or five nights into Freshers’ Week, you promised yourself you’d have an easy night in to recharge your social batteries. But next thing you knew you were on your way to pres and brave Hive. Hopefully you got your self-care night in at some point.

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