These TikToks and Instagram posts show just how wet Edinburgh was last week

Isn’t the weather during Scottish summers just the best?

In case you didn’t notice or are spending your summer somewhere else in the world, it rained HARD in Edinburgh on Sunday. And I don’t just mean the normal Scottish drizzle, this rain was so bad that it left many streets, houses and shops flooded. Even the brand new St James Quarter.

So, for those of you lucky enough to be somewhere sunny and dry, here’s a roundup of the most shocking TikToks, videos and pictures that show just how heavy the rain actually was.

I guarantee you’ll feel like grabbing your wellies and your umbrellas just looking at these.

Edinburgh is the Venice of Scotland

@charlottenorman52who needs Venice? #edinburgh #flooding #edinburghfloods #tollcross #rain #floods #lothianbuses #ialmostdrowned #swim

♬ My Heart Will Go On (Flute Version) – Faith

I’m guessing there were some small delays…

@maxlamprecht3Edinburgh Waverley today

♬ original sound – Max Lamprecht638

Did someone say pool party?


A new meaning to dripping after a trip to Princes Street

@mirren_m98Just a bit wet in Edinburgh ☔️ @kierankirk5 #edinburgh #princesst #storm #rain #flood #drenched

♬ My Heart Will Go On (Flute Version) – Faith

Log flume anyone?

@corinnekennedy#edinburgh #rain #flood

♬ Oh No No No – Music Falcon

A billion pounds spent and it’s not even waterproof

@kirstie_94Stjamesquarter #flood#edinburgh#viral#simplyfailed #tiktok #scotland

♬ original sound – Kirstie94

Percy probably isn’t a very happy pig right now

@amongusimposterxdm&s flooding today in Edinburgh with extreme rain!! #edinburgh #rain #mands

♬ Oh No, Oh No, Oh No No No Song – Tiktok Remix – Tik tok

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