Edinburgh University lectures expected to still be online next year

‘At this point, we expect that all large lectures/classes will need to be delivered digitally’

Edinburgh University have said in an email that large lectures and classes are expected to be delivered digitally next year, due to Covid restrictions on social distancing likely to still be in place.

However, students should expect more in-person teaching than they received this past year, as the uni is hoping to increase capacity for small group teaching such as tutorials.

The email from VP Colm reads, “The rules on physical distancing for the University sector have the greatest impact on what we can deliver on campus and in-person. For the majority of students there will be a mix of in-person and digital teaching, but we expect overall there will be more in-person teaching for students than in this current academic year.

“The amount of in-person teaching will vary from programme to programme and depends on the discipline and the stage you are at in your studies, and will be influenced by our capacity and of course by the latest Covid-19 restrictions.

“At this point, we expect that all large lectures/classes will need to be delivered digitally. We should have greater capacity for smaller group teaching (such as seminars, workshops, tutorials and lab work) on-campus, as well as smaller in-person lectures.”

Further information is expected to follow in the coming months as further details emerge from the Scottish and UK governments.

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