Students have written love letters to Subway Cowgate and they’re stunning

Feel like pure shit just want Subway back

From The Peartree, to Big Cheese, to flat parties and pres: there is a lot about normal Edinburgh student life that we’re missing right now. However, if there is one entity that the entire Edi student body is missing the most, it would be, without a shred of doubt, Subway Cowgate.

From the abundant selection of VKs, to the non-stop bangers all night long, Subway Cowgate is at the forefront of students’ minds as they waste away their evenings watching Bakeoff or The Crown. What a sad little life.

However, some are missing Subway more than most, it would appear. Three anonymous Edinburgh students seem to have taken their appreciation for Subway to the next level by writing the club some love letters.

On their Facebook wall today, the club were on a mission to find out who had written such heartwarming declarations of love. They even offered “FREE entry for life once we reopen” in the comments section of the post. Lucky wee fuckers.

I could go full English Literature-student analysis on these bad boys, but tbh I have a life and so do you. Besides, these wondrous beasts speak for themselves. So, grab a seat, get yourself comfortable and read on to experience the magic and nostalgia.

A Love Letter to Subway

The love letter reads:

“It’s a Wednesday evening at 11pm,
I’m wondering if I’ll ever see you again.
I miss the VKs, red, orange and blue,
But especially the green, though they make me spew.

It’s Saturday now, and I’m staring at my hand.
Because what’s around my wrist? A Subway loyal band.
To dance right now would be truly divine,
I’m even willing to wait in the long Saturday line.

It’s been 8 months now, since I walked through your door,
I miss the strange smell and the weird sticky floor.
So I’m singing off now, and although we’re apart,
Subway – I love you with all my heart.”

Strangely moving. On to the next…

To my darling Subway

The love letter reads:

“To my darling Subway,
My love for you is so deep that I would pay,
To dance again on your sticky floors,
And get so drunk I get kicked out the door.

It’s been so long since I’ve felt your touch,
I cannot say enough that I miss you so much.
And I hope you still remember me,
All the memories I have of you don’t even add up to three.

I love you, I love you, I love you,
I’m dreaming of the days when I can
once again taste your cherry venoms,
That’s just about enough to make me…”

Bit naughty this one! Love the super meaningful repetition in first line of verse three.

Dearest Subway

The final love letter reads:

“Dearest Subway,
How I long for you
8 months has felt like 8 years
But my love stays strong.

It’s been far too long
How I’ve missed our late night fun
I want to be in you.

Keep us on the low
Open your back doors for me
No one needs to know.

Your loyal lover xx”

This kid definitely used a tea bag to stain their history posters in primary school to make them look authentic. Nice stuff, nonetheless. You can really feel that sexual tension through the screen.

The Edinburgh Tab spoke to Marc Walker, General Manager at Subway Cowgate, to get his take on the love letters. He said: “‘The poems put huge smiles on the faces of our team. We all miss the club.

Never fear we will return and it will be HUGE…… vivalacowgate”.

It may be a wee while yet before Subway opens its doors again but, for now, we’ll have to make do with these stunning love letters and the memories. Oh, and the occasional VK at home.

Cover image: Neil Stewart

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