Ryanair to resume flights from Edi to London to help students get home for Christmas

They’re reviving the route from December to January

Ryanair have revived the flight route from Edinburgh to London Stansted, from 4th December to 8th January in order to help students travel home for Christmas.

The route, previously axed in October, will now run twice a week.

A Ryanair spokeswoman said: “We welcome this ‘travel window’ guidance which allows students the opportunity to fly home to their families and friends, in advance of the busy Christmas travel rush.”

Edinburgh airport said: “The biggest Christmas gift we can hope for is the introduction of testing at the border to replace the hammer blow of quarantine, and help rather than hinder aviation and the other industries which rely on it.”

Last week, the Minister for Further Education, Richard Lochhard, confirmed all students in Scotland will be offered coronavirus tests before they go home for Christmas.

The Scottish Minister also asked that students who are looking to return home reduce their social mixing two weeks prior to their travel. This means only leaving the house for essential shopping and exercise.

Coronavirus tests will be also administered by the university on campus before students go home this Christmas, starting around the first week of December.

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