FLY Open Air 2021 is happening, with potentially major social distancing

“Surely this is better than nothing at all”

Popular Edinburgh based music festival ‘FLY Open Air’ has just released information detailing how they will be handling their 2021 weekend event at Hopetoun House next May.

The event organisers took to their Instagram, informing attendees of a contingency plan, should the event not be able to run as normal due to Covid-19.

“After positive discussions with West Lothian Council & Police Scotland we have created a PLAN B to allow us to drink, dance and listen to music if social distancing is still in place by then.”

The post does not elaborate further on just what this ‘Plan B’ will consist of, however the accompanying image on the instagram post shows an approximation of FLY’s intentions, groups of attendees dancing, spaced across the grounds in socially distant groups.

The post’s text goes on to explain open air events are permitted to play music, despite current restrictions in Scotland banning bars and restaurants from playing music.

Followed by the organisers’ encouragement for people to stick to the governments regulations regarding Covid-19 this winter, stating that although this is not the ideal scenario for the event, the devised contingency plan is “surely better than nothing at all”.

Tickets for FLY Open Air can be found on the event’s website.

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