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The snow may have brought the entire city of Edinburgh to a standstill today, but Hive is keeping its doors open

The sesh stops for no (snow)man


The Met Office issued Scotland's first ever red weather alert earlier this afternoon, impacting large areas of the country, including Strathclyde, Lothian, Tayside, Fife, Central, parts of South East Scotland, and the Borders.

For those of you less aware of the geography of Scotland, and who haven't yet gone outside to take a vital Snapchat or cheeky Instagram story of the snow, that also includes Edinburgh.

However, despite all odds (and common sense, frankly), Hive has confirmed it will remain open this evening.

It may be the second time ever a red alert for snow has been issued in the UK, but that is still clearly not enough to scare off some of Edinburgh's most hardcore seshers.

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The warning, which entails threats of widespread disruption, damage to property, risk to life(!) and long interruptions to power and mobile services, is set to remain in place until 10am on Thursday.

With all travel services set to be majorly disrupted or cancelled for the foreseeable future, weather conditions expected to worsen still, and the authorities urging the Scottish public to stay indoors, hitting Hive this evening seems perfectly logical… VK slushie anyone?