Invigilators disrupted exam with a microphone to inform Edi Geographers of exam question mistakes

The disruptions affected two other exams in the hall

On Tuesday, a first year Geography exam which contained multiple errors caused several disruptions for students in the hall, where a Linguistics and Economics exam were also taking place.

During the exam, invigilators interrupted students using a microphone four times to inform them of mistakes in the questions.

Kirsty Allan, Undergraduate Secretary for the School of Geosciences, told the Tab: “Two of the multiple choice questions at the start of the exam had problems with them, but that students would be awarded the marks for those questions.”

The Geography department is based on Drummond Street

One first year Geography student named James, said: “We got told in the exam that there were errors with two of the questions because essentially they’d repeated the same answer twice and told us to put a line through it, but they weren’t really specific as to why.”

Another student called Sam who sat the same exam added: “It was pretty awful – a lot of people struggled.”

As well as the mistakes in the Geography exam, clarifications also had to be made on the microphone for a mistake each in the Linguistics and Economics exams.

Second year Linguistics student Will Langston said: “The invigilator stopped the exam like three times in 10 minutes telling the students that two of the questions were to be ignored.

The Economics paper and Linguistics one both had mistakes on them too, so the disruptions were pretty much constant.”

When asked how the paper was allowed to be given to student without being checked for mistakes, the School of Geosciences gave no comment.