Edinburgh is one of the best starter cities for graduates

It’s the sixth most affordable


Edinburgh is one of the best starter cities for graduates, according to research undertaken by graduate recruitment provider, Pareto.

The city came in at sixth in the list of most affordable cities for graduates in the UK, with an average starter salary of £38,865 – the highest behind London and Guildford.

With an average rent of £894, it gained a cost of living score of 86.81.

Belfast came top of the list of graduate starter cities, followed by Leeds, Cardiff, York and Liverpool.

The least affordable was, at no surprise, London, followed by Brighton and Oxford.

The Pareto group looked at 30 of the UK’s biggest towns and cities, studying average salaries in those areas and the rent price of a typical two-bed flat locally.

They then looked at the costs of goods and services compared with the capital, and worked out how much more or less expensive they were per every £100 spent in London before converting this into a ‘Cost of Living’ score, with London having the base score of 100.

Lower scores indicated a low cost of living in comparison to the capital, which gave a true sense of how far money will go for a start-up graduate.