What kind of snapchat storier are you?

You’re all guilty of something


We all have Snapchat, and even though you might think that the way you use it never annoys anyone, well there’s news for you – you probably do.

The show-off

Enjoying the luxuries of life isn’t enough for you, you need to let everyone know the baller life you lead.

Did you really drink that bottle of Dom if you didn’t snap it?

The selfie addict

A group of snappers often mistakingly labelled as vain. Despite the five consecutive selfies you find on their stories, the reason behind their prolific selfie-taking is probably just boredom, not vanity – because the best way to procrastinate is to take selfies.

The foodie

This is perhaps the worst kind of snapper.

Your main mission in life is to make everyone hungry. Why would you do that? We get it, your food looks amazing and great for you. But when most of your friends are getting by on beans on toast or whatever’s available in the Tesco reduced section, it’s not fair.

The clubber

You add the time to your snaps to remind everyone that you stayed until the closing time, you absolute legend.

The one few want to see topless

You sometimes forget who exactly sees your snaps. Your older sister doesn’t want to see how you’ve just managed to convert your one-pack into a two-pack.

The weather related snapper

Because of course everyone wants to know that it’s freezing and your berries for your smoothie haven’t melted.

The filter fanatic

You think no one will notice the beauty face filter you’ve put on if you put it in black and white.

The one who won’t stop fucking posting

Your story is always 100 seconds long and pisses off 100 per cent of your friends. Even though others might post annoying things on their stories that make people jealous, these guys just post the most mundane stuff imaginable. Why do all your friends need to see this photo?

The snapchat ranter

You forget those indirect messages to your “so called friends” are also viewed by the rest of your contacts. Passive aggression at its finest.

The one who didn’t go to uni

Your daily commute is the most interesting story you post.

The gym bunny

Let’s be honest mate, you only used the 5kgs.

The world traveler

No one cannot know that you are abroad. In fairness, this is actually a great conversation starter. You can go months without seeing people but they’ll still be asking you about your trip to Malaga in May.

The dog-face lover

Don’t pretend you haven’t done it.

The drunk snapper

You only story when you’re drunk, and swiftly delete it in the morning. This kind of snapper does have the potential to post funny snaps though.

The pet photographer

We get it. You have a cat.

The one who never posts

You surprise everyone when you story, but impress no one.