A guide to what to do on a freezing day in Edinburgh

It doesn’t involve going to the Christmas market

Hot chocolate, jumpers, and staying in are few of the things we do to battle through the Edinburgh weather.

While winter can make you miserable and pale, there are ways to entertain yourself and avoid being completely washed out during this frosty Scottish cold.

Here’s some of the ways you could spend a chill day in Edinburgh.

Go on Sunny Tropical Retreat

Fancy a little bit of sun in the piercingly cold weather? Butterfly and Insect World at Dobbies garden is your answer. It’s an indoor rainforest like environment where numbers of exotic insects, butterflies, and snakes are kept.

If you couldn’t afford the Bahamas this holiday this steamy greenhouse will undoubtedly welcome you for a few hours getaway of warm informative goodness.

Board games

Whether you’re into gaming or not, playing board games is one way to brush the boredom off and waste away the hours of your mellow day.

Games Hub on Lauriston place has tons of board games to play with in their cosy place. Not to mention that they serve hot drinks too.

Stop for some hot chocolate

Why not warm yourself on the inside with a cup or two of some of the most delicious hot chocolate Edinburgh has to offer?

Edinburgh has plenty of cute coffee shops, but the indulging chocolate experience Hotel Chocolat has is especially good. The sophisticated, chocolate filled place on Fredrick’s street is a must visit this winter (or anytime!).

Get lost in a book

Sometimes the simple pleasures such as taking a book to read in some cafe or taking a stroll through a  building or a place admiring its ornate details is just what you need.

The Signet library is another pocket full of all of that for you to discover. Just take yourself off of the miserable afternoon back in time to enjoy  some tea, and the gorgeous interior of this enormous library in Parliament Square.

Walk up Calton Hill

Just before the sun goes down try going up Calton Hill. It’s no secret that watching the daylight fade from up there is absolutely breathtaking.

If all else fails, visit the Christmas market

Winter is not always  a synonym to miserable or boring  because it’s also time of festivity and celebrations.

If you have little bit of time left of your day (or night) pay a visit to the bright and lively Christmas market, and maybe treat yourself to some more hot chocolate or mulled wine. It is Christmas after all.