‘Girl punched’ and police on the scene as Edinburgh ball ends in carnage

The police and an ambulance were called to the venue

A charity ball put on by students ended in chaos last night after a male student punched a female partygoer.

The incident took place after an ambulance had already been called to the venue, Ghillie Dhu, to aid someone else for being excessively drunk.

An attendee at the ball said: “The night was ending weirdly anyway as the drunk girl who needed the ambulance was screaming. It suddenly got aggressive though when a drunk guy punched a girl on the right hand side of her neck.

“She didn’t fall, but her friends and a bouncer rushed to help her and some guys tried to wrestle the drunk puncher away. As they were getting him away, a light just outside the venue’s door was broken. The bouncer got her an ice pack whilst someone else called the police.”

The broken light

Police Scotland could not yet confirm if anyone was arrested but they told The Tab: “At 23:25 on Monday 28th November 2016, Police received a report of a disturbance, at the Ghillie Dhu at Rutland Place, Edinburgh. Police attended and enquiries are ongoing.”

The venue itself told The Tab: “We can confirm that the police were called to an incident and that there was smashed glass left afterwards.”