The Bruntsfield Tesco has been accused of discriminating against state school kids

Oh Edinburgh, you’ve really outdone yourself this time.

It seems that students trying to get their lunch time munch have found themselves in a bit of trouble. Instead of getting a sore deal in the form of a disappointing £3 meal, it’s in the form of some good old fashioned class discrimination, get your bonnet and top hat on, it looks like the 1800’s are suddenly back in fashion.

Tesco were accused of this discrimination as school children from a state schools were made to line up and wait outside the large supermarket, while children from the  £11,577-a-year private school George Watson’s College were allowed to go straight inside. Tesco were questioned about this over Twitter by Professor Pollock, who is head of Innovation and Social Informatics at Edinburgh University.

Tesco, instead of apologising for the manager’s mistake, decided to defend their actions. They argued that due to there being a lack of space inside the supermarket and there being fewer private school kids, they would be easier to deal with.

They told The Guardian: “This is completely untrue – there has never been any discrimination between state and private school children at this store.”

It may not be the biggest deal in the world, but small moments like this matter, you know because – every little helps.