Street Style: Accessories edition

We know you own those Adidas Originals

It’s not always the clothes that you wear that stand out, but the accessories that you wear them with. Here are some of the highlights of the accessories we’ve spotted around campus.


They can be of all brands and models. In fact, on campus you can find all the limited editions of Yeezys and NMD’s that usually take 12 hours of night queuing to get. However, what else would you wear when all the George Square area is paved with medieval stones which make you break your feet, unless you are wearing something comfy?

There is also a high probability that you’ll look like an idiot if you try to get to the library on those new super cool platformed shoes. Even Russian girls give up their inches heels and switched to good old Adidas.

Anna, 3rd Year, Business

Robbie, 2nd Year, History

Noah, 1st Year, Philosophy

Canada Goose

Fierce winds together with drenching rain and occasional snowfall make all Edinburgh students look like shapeless figures wrapped in the hundred layers and a scarf. However, some of us gave up and just spent a fortune on Canada Goose. All ranges of polar jacket colours are presented in front of the main library from 8am till late at night.  100 per cent Edinburgh Uni authentic.

Karla, 2nd Year, English

Edinburgh Uni stash

Bought in your first year, you have never worn that hoodie ever since.  The truth is that we all secretly cherish those pieces that can tell the whole world that you went to one of the best unis in the world. Who knows, maybe, you will eventually become a soccer dad who will wear that one hoodie to parents gatherings or your kid’s graduation (from Edinburgh Uni, of course).

Vlad, 1st Year, Geography


They are essential to Edinburgh Uni and they can always brighten up your day. You can use them as a blanket while napping in the library or just wear it as a nice colourful accessory to your black outfit. The check ones are obviously classics.

Scarf Squad

Capacious bags

They look more like fashionable shopping bags, but when you need to carry  your 2000 pages folio that your history tutor calls a “handbook” somewhere, they are irreplaceable. Longchamp is the classic example because it is posh, but affordable, while Goyard is more of the original option. Edinburgh Uni students rock both.