What your Halloween costume says about you

Originality points if it’s Harley Quinn

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time for us to start thinking about what we’re gonna wear while we’re getting absolutely wrecked. As we all know, the scariest part about Halloween is always the hangover afterward. Whether you opt for a slutty version of your favourite character or something more clever, what a person wears on Halloween can reveal a lot about them.


Donald Trump


People who dress up as Trump for Halloween think they’re hysterical and always come out with the same one-liner, “There’s nothing scarier than Trump.” And while yes, totally agreed, there’s a certain laziness associated with just throwing on a suit and a red cap and calling it a costume. It could also trigger a lot of Americans who actually have to deal with the repercussions of a Trump presidency, FYI.

Black Cat 


You’re a genius, you’ve probably been a black cat every year since you were 13 and you’ll never stop. Please, never stop. You’re the Halloween heroine we all need, the absolute pinnacle of resourcefulness. While everyone’s stressing out about what to be you quietly slip on you cat ears pull out your little black dress. Simple, effortless, purr-fect.

Slutty version of something that was never meant to be sexy 

The tinman, classic sex symbol

As stated in the timeless classic, Mean Girls, “Halloween is the only time of year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” You’re probably- no, definitely, going to pull tonight. Or maybe you’ll end up crying over cheesy chips because the guy you wanted to pull didn’t show and you just realised you’ve spent 30 quid on a glorified piece of cheap fabric that looks NOTHING like you thought it would. Regardless, you own the night.

Something genuinely scary 

Do less.


Something low key offensive 

No shame

Your intentions were good, I mean I’m sure it was just for the bants, but it was just very poorly executed. It’s 2016 ffs. Try again next year.

The Pop Culture Icon 

North is obvs the best Kardashian, don’t lie

Yes, I’m looking at you, the Kim Kardashians, the Beyonces, the Kylies. You’re probably using Halloween as an excuse to try and look a Kardashian without anyone actually saying anything about it, and you know what that’s really smart. You probably look the least ridiculous out of all of us and that’s pretty commendable.

The Big Fat Group Costume 

All smilezzz 🙂

It’s October 29th and Katie still hasn’t gotten her damn costume sorted, but you keep on reminding yourself it’ll all be worth it in the end, it’ll all be worth it for that perfect insta. Those nights where your friendship has been hanging on by a thread will all be worth it when you all roll in looking flawless on the 31st, keep telling yourself that.

Photography credits: Creme Soda – David Wilkinson // EMPIRICAL

Hector’s House – Ben Glasgow