We spoke to X-Factor contestant and Edinburgh Uni student Caitlyn Vanbeck

Safe to say she’s happy to be back

You might have seen Caitlyn Vanbeck making waves on the X-factor recently, as she was sent to Simon’s house in Malibu. This was Caitlyn’s second time on the X-factor and this time, she was named one the bookie’s favourites. Unfortunately she didn’t make it to the live shows and she’s now back in Edinburgh ready to tackle going back to uni.

What year are you in Edinburgh and what do you study? 

“I’m a second year and I study primary teaching.”

What’s your favourite night out in Edinburgh and why? 

“I don’t know, I hardly ever go out because I’m always busy. The best thing for me is probably fresher’s week. I don’t go out in Edinburgh that much, but I’ve gone out in Newcastle and London.”

Who’s your favourite X-factor judge? 

“I have to say I do love Sharon Osbourne, she’s so funny. And I have to say her and Louis Walsh on the panel together are the best combination of judges because they just bounce off of each other and there’s so much hilarity, the two of them together is just hilarious.”

How has being on the show affected your uni life? 

“Actually the X-factor started during our summer break, which was good. So I didn’t really have anything due at the time, but the further I got into the process the further it was to resuming term so it was a bit overwhelming. When I got to the Judges’ Houses I had to take the very first week off of uni, so I’ve only really missed a week or so which isn’t too bad.”


Soaking up some sun before returning to Scotland  

Any funny stories from the show? 

“I have to say the funniest thing that I saw was at 3 or 4 in the morning when me and my roommate from bootcamp were going down in the lift, in the hotel, and Honey G – who people think is an act, like someone pretending to be someone- but at 4 in the morning we got into the lift and we see her with this bomber jacket and these shades. She had this full Honey G outfit on at 4 in the morning.”

How does it feel to be back, are you being recognised a lot? 

“It is very new to be recognised. Obviously, the majority of people that have recognised me have been in London because I haven’t really been home that often, and whenever I’m at home I’m either with my family or in bed.

“So the first time I was home properly was after Judges’ Houses so obviously I had been on TV quite a lot and it was quite nice as well because it was people from your hometown supporting you. It’s been weird as well because, for example, last week I was on campus and this woman who was promoting something outside of Potterrow and she just started chasing me down the road shouting “Oh my God you’re that girl from the X-Factor!”

What did you miss most about Edinburgh? 

“I missed my friends definitely, and I hadn’t really seen them all summer because I was going back and forth to London. I missed the chippies, down south it’s not the same, not as fatty. Down south it’s not as greasy and everything is so healthy!”

What’s the next step? 

“Well I’m writing with a few producers and songwriters down in London but now it’s all about balancing uni and staying on top of that as well.”