Clubbers of the Week

It’s not like we have any work to do anyway

With assignments looming we all have to blow of some steam once in a while. You deserve those library hangovers.

Stunners of the week

Runners up

Creeper of the week

When Mr Incredible is creeping on you and your mate

Runners up

Wankers of the week

We get it – you never had to get a student loan in the first place.

Runner up

That’s just not appropriate footware for a club.

Third wheel of the week

When your friend really disapproves of the bloke you are getting with.

Runners up

Mutant of the week

Runners up

Hero of the week

Runner up

Heroine of the week

Runners up

She may have blown her whole student loan but at least she stayed cool doing it

Album cover of the week

WTFs of the week

Who needs some loo roll?

Why do you need some sliders in a club?

This guy’s nipple got a lot of action that night

Unhappy clubbers of the week

This guy had a tough night

‘Why the fuck did Larry make me wear this?”

Best photo shoot of the week

Best of the rest


Flare, Love : Neil Stewart Photography
Hector’s House, Mansion, Temple: Ben Glasgow: BGM Scotland
Milk, The Sugar Club, Fly Club, Circus: David Wilkinson/Empirical
Broke: Elliot Gilmour Creative
Thirsty, Kono: Anna Velikova
Creme Soda: Matthew Thomas Photography