Street Style: Couples edition

Disclaimer: we don’t bare responsibility for the authenticity of couples feelings

In this era where high fashion trends are dictated by street style, and exclusive NMDs are more expensive than Dior heels, it’s no longer relevant whether you are wearing a Topshop or Saint-Laurent bomber.

However you can always stand out from the crowd by having a special someone who is always there to take you up in their arms, or at least allows you to feature in the couples edition of street style.

Donata, 4th year, Economic History and Konstantin, 4th year, Economics and Politics

Akal, 1st year, Economics and Dan, 1st year, Economics

Do not remember mentioning it was couples street style to them

Cara, Joanna and Steven, Computer Science, 3rd Years

Xiarongliu and Wen, both Artificial Intelligence Masters students

Tommy, 4th year, Social Anthropology and Samantha, 4th year, English Literature

Katie, 4th year, English Literature and Will, 4th year, Religious Studies

You cant stay angry at that face for long

Mathias, 1st year, International Relations and Mathias, 1st year, IR and Law

It takes a special someone to tolerate your affair with a sandwich

Jack, Biological sciences and Laura, History of Art

Jonathan, Postgraduate student

“Remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore”

Chihon, Masters in Classics  and Gladys, Masters in Sciences