Innovative Learning Week rebranded as ‘Festival of Creative Learning’

People are still not going to turn up

In another example of what seems to be a completely pointless rebrand, Innovative Learning Week (ILW) will now be called the ‘Festival of Creative Learning.’

ILW was generally known as a week where the majority of students would head home whilst an array of ‘innovative’ events were put on around campus.

Unlike ILW, the newly dubbed Festival of Creative Learning will run throughout the whole year and will culminate in a week long programme of events from February 20th-24th 2017.

Although the Festival is not mentioned in the official semester dates, there is still a week’s gap between lectures whilst the Festival takes place meaning that everyone can still go home and treat it as a half term, just like they’ve always done.

On the university website, the Festival is described as being a “low-risk environment” for people to “realise their ideas.” Whether or not this implies the way in which we learn normally at university is high-risk, remains unclear.