We asked freshers how many friends they’ve made so far

Actual friends, not just people you’ve added on Facebook

Freshers week is always a bit daunting so we thought it would be worth asking people how many friends they had really made.
Laura, 1st Year, History14459104_10210876290805652_821254555_n
“Well there are acquaintances who you’d say hi to on the street, but friends who I’d actually text to have breakfast with about 10 to 15”
 Thad, 1st Year, History
 “There are a lot of drunk people who I’ve met in the smoking areas of clubs who I recognise a few days later and we sort of look at each other to show that we remember talking. I don’t know how many actual friends I’ve made though.”
Jasper, 1st Year, Geography
“I’ve made a lot more friends that I thought I would make after ten days which is great but I’m also terrible at remembering names which can be a bit embarrassing.”
Gus, 1st Year, Business & Geography
“Well what do you classify as a friend? I’d say I have about thirty, they vary in closeness to me. There are probably ten that I’m closest to.”
Saul, 1st Year, International Business (Second from left)
“We’ve sort of developed a Baird House and Grant House combination of a group where I’d say there are about 15 of us.”
Ella, 1st Year, Economics and Philosophy
“I have no idea how many friends but I’ve met people from different places. I’m quite friendly with people from halls and from my course”
George, 1st Year, Psychology
“At least 38.5”
Ellie, 1st Year, History
“I’ve made like 50 on Facebook, but I guess I’m only really good friends with like ten of them.”