Last year’s BNOC winner has a bigger mandate than the EUSA president

The people have spoken

Last year’s BNOC, third year Engineering student Connor Smith, received 2,980 total votes in the polls, over 700 more than this year’s EUSA President Alec Edgecliffe-Johnson got in the annual EUSA elections.

The leader Edinburgh deserves

The third year had made a name for himself by becoming a recognisable face in Edinburgh’s clubbing scene and founding BevEng, a society for engineers to get together and ‘get bevved’.


It’s a startling, if not hilarious, comment on our involvement in student politics as a university. Maybe more students would be keen to actually care about EUSA if they spent more time on the important issues, like making sure our Students’ Union isn’t one of the most expensive in the country, instead of banning sombreros on Halloween, removing people for shaking their heads, and abolishing the sacred act of Strawpedo-ing.