Game of Thrones’ Hodor is playing a Freshers’ Week DJ set

He’s actually pretty good too

Kristian “Hodor” Nairn is performing a DJ set at Edinburgh’s Potterow.

Billed as a “Game of Thrones Rave,”  Nairn will be taking to the Potterow decks on Thursday night. Though many freshers will know him simply as Hodor, Nairn is an experienced progressive house DJ.

Prior to his role as Hodor on the long-running American series, the Northern Irish actor and DJ held down an 11 year residence at well-known Belfast nightclub Kremlin.

In the show, Nairn plays a giant stable-boy (Nairn himself is 7 foot tall) with a mysterious mental affliction that renders him only able to say “Hodor.”

He is currently on a tour of Scotland. In the last week he has played in Dundee, Aberdeen, and St. Andrews.

Edinburgh, the largest of the Scottish universities with over 20,000 students, will no doubt draw the largest crowd for Nairn and his Game of Thrones-themed progressive house set.

Third-year English student Jack said: “I’ve listened to his Soundcloud and he’s a decent producer. I wouldn’t mind checking out his set, and not just because he’s Hodor!”