How to survive a holiday with your significant other

It’s make or break

When I hear that a couple are going on holiday I always think: this is going to make or break your relationship. Planning a trip together, overseas, in the future, with money, that involves commitment. It is a scary thought.

Admittedly I have never been away with a significant other – however am in the process of planning to do so – and it always reminds me of going on holiday with your family and you take a mate. That holiday with my family and my singular friend can either bring us closer together or push us so far apart they may as well have stayed on holiday for the rest of their lives.

I have seen many a friendship broken by holidaying together.

Is the sun setting on your relationship?

What is even worse though is the idea that they don’t even want to go away at all. For example, one time my close friend’s boyfriend of the time was invited on her family holiday. She was encouraging him to book flights to which he retorted ‘I don’t want to book them yet in case we break up’ – always a good thing to hear.

They broke up a month later.


Always the most exciting albeit the most stressful period.

She’ll have spent hours trawling Air b’n’b to try and find the cutest boutique apartment

The girl normally takes over this part of the holiday. They will spend hours and hours googling the best places to stay for the best rates in the best areas which actually turn out to be some slightly grotty apartment which is an hour walk from anything other than shrubs and goats.

The main planner must remember that two people are going on this holiday and to take into account what the other person will want; otherwise when you get there and the whole apartment is decked out with gaming gear someone will be a tad disappointed.


Airports are stressful. Even more so when you are travelling with the one that you love and haven’t experienced their disgusting habit of farting constantly whilst on the airplane.

Don’t be as lost as this chap is

When you touch down and stand outside the airport make sure that you have made a plan of how to get from the airport to your accommodation and don’t just “wing it” – that will end up in you accidentally joining a prostitution ring and buying an ounce of the local drug of choice.


One will want to sleep late. The other will want to be doing constant activities. You’re going to have to compromise.

Snorkling is always a great option – plus a great opportunity to take photos of you significant other looking like a dork

Doing something during your day will make it much more fun – make sure that it’s something that you are both interested in doing. Sitting by the beach/pool is great for a day or two but then mix it up – otherwise it can get a little monotonous.

You are also going to be spending every second of your time together and that is allegedly the most challenging part of it all. It is kind of like a mini-marriage. You eat together, sleep together, do the same things and generally share everything with each other.


Don’t leave all the cleaning of your apartment to one of you whilst the other sits on their arse and plays on their phone. That is just annoying and won’t win you any favours.

It isn’t a bad thing at this point if you want some alone time. It is natural. After an intense period together it’s only healthy to want some ‘you’ time.

Don’t be left spooning your domino’s and wondering where it all went wrong

Ultimately this whole experience will challenge how good you really are together. You will have to deal with their most irritating habits 24/7.

If you end up breaking up because of a holiday then really it is the best proof that you shouldn’t be together; if you can’t live together for a week then how can you spend the rest of you life (supposedly) with them?

It is incredibly intense; but it could also be the best holiday of your life as you get to share all of those wonderful memories with someone that you love that isn’t you parents or very annoying siblings.