EUSA overturns the boycotting of Israeli goods vote decision

There will be no boycott of Israeli goods next year

The EUSA Trustee Board, made up of the elected Sabbatical Officers, senior management and external members, have reversed the student council decision to enforce the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) policy on Israeli goods.

The meeting where the vote took place

Despite it previously being passed after a vote during a March Student Council meeting, the Trustees rejected that vote after they felt the motion was out of the “powers for a charitable organisation to implement” after taking legal advice from the National Union of Students and other Student Associations.

Theo Robertson-Bonds

Responding to the verdict, Israeli Engagement Society Vice Chair (Political) Theo Robertson-Bonds said: “Singling out and boycotting the world’s only Jewish state is a reckless, divisive policy that does nothing to help resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I am delighted that EUSA’s Trustee Board has taken this issue seriously and ensured our campus remains safe and inclusive for all students by refusing to enact it.”