How to entertain yourself now exams are over: an Edinburgh guide

Having nothing to do is almost as boring as revision

Exams have finished, evenings are longer and there is a hint of warmth in the air. But what on earth are we meant to do with all of this time?

When one is revising there is nothing better than doing nothing and taking a ‘break’ from work. However, now we all have a revision break that lasts 3 months and that is a lot of time to fill. Especially if you are staying in Edinburgh.

The freshers have been kicked out of pollock and everyone else is either at home or figuring out how on earth they are going to fit all their crap in the car and take it home.

For those of us that have remained here is some help on how to amuse yourself:

Get a job

A little tedious yes but who doesn’t love not being horrendously overdrawn? There are some jobs floating around out there and with all this free time that you now have you really can’t say that ‘I have too much work to hold down a job’.

If you are lucky you could work somewhere like this

If you have no previous experience try working in a call centre – they take anyone – or just bulk out your CV with some slightly exaggerated skills/previous work as a waiter at your mum’s drinks party.

Get a hobby

A classic one that comes up when one googles ‘what to do when I am bored’. However, you could use your new free time to practice a hidden or little used talent. For example, practice you dance moves so that you can dazzle your romantic interest on the dance-floor next term.

Club can’t even handle him

Go to the Meadows

When the weather changes from the consistent grey to sunnier and more welcoming skies it is time to head down to the meadows. Grab a disposable BBQ, sausages and beer from Tesco’s, charge up your portable speakers and find some friends (or go it alone if you are more mysterious).

Where you could be

It’s the perfect way to celebrate the sunshine and pretend that you are topping up your tan.

Do some different activities

We all spend so much time in the university areas but why not go and do something a bit different. For example grab a couple of friends and head to the escape rooms. The escape rooms are great: you are locked into a room and you and your friends have to crack clues and solve puzzles and eventually you will find the key to unlock the room.

Go to the beach

Portobello for the mainstream or Cramond for the more adventurous. There is nothing better than going to the beach getting an ice-cream and paddling in the freezing cold sea.

So many insta opportunities

Its a perfect opportunity to attempt to brag on snapchat about how ‘sunny’ and ‘warm’ Edinburgh is.

Discover the joys of day-drinking

I am not advocating alcoholism…however, there is something really lovely about having a couple of drinks with lunch and carrying on from there.

Learning to drink wine is an excellent skill to have – when you swirl and sniff the wine you may actually know what you are talking about instead of nodding and go yeh that’s good thanks.