Working in a call centre is just as soul destroying as you thought

Some people are really rude on the phone

I work in a call centre and it is the most soul destroying job I have ever had.

Sometimes I feel this job isn’t for me when I’m sitting at the desk partially revising for my exams by reading the Aeneid or the Iliad. People get told off for reading at the desk, but the manager is so surprised that I’m reading something as ‘intellectual’ as the Aeneid whilst working that he lets me continue.

I am not the most patient person when it comes to this job so for me a successful day is when I only get told to ‘fuck off’ once in a shift.

I was very happy that I got above the average strike rate. I dream big.

I got into the job because a couple of my friends do it. I get paid for my training (which is the easiest £40 you will ever make) and it is literally the easiest job you could ever have.

The first job I was put on was the National Student Survey. I thought that you would all be lovely. Most of you were. A small collection of you were really very rude.

It has been ingrained into society nowadays that everyone is trying to scam you – and for some people are that is true. But I just want your opinions, not your money. The only money I want is from my employers.

Before work ignorance.

It is understandable that cold callers are annoying. Before I got this job I acted the exact same way. However I do not think that it gives the general public the right to tell me to ‘Fuck off, you are so annoying’. I have never experienced such rude behaviour from people in my life as I have working at the call centre.

Admittedly instances like this only happen when we are doing the political opinion surveys. However it makes people reveal their true colours: for example one man that I interviewed wanted the national front to be in power and went on a half-an-hour rant about the Tories. This was the most amusing instance.

The bus home at 21:30 is much sadder without blasting Kelly Clarkson (normally I drive us there and back)

There are less amusing instances. People are truly foul on the phone to strangers. The company of which I work for is very reputable and is employed by big banks (such as HSBC and Barclays) and other very well known companies. I DON’T WANT TO SCAM YOU I JUST WANT TO GET THROUGH MY SHIFT AND GO AND HAVE A SNACK.

The pay however makes it all worth it.

Apparently I am a good student…

This is my plea: if you receive a cold caller – whether or not they are a scammer – if you don’t want to talk to them just politely say no thank you. Because I assure you that I hate my job but at least I am doing something with my time other than sitting on my arse watching Netflix all day.

I sit for 4 hours on my arse and occasionally click my mouse – and the is great and it is the most flexible job in the world.

The people I work with are super friendly and we all quietly moan about how bored we are every now and then. The camaraderie is the highlight of the job, pay aside.