Meet the finalist who’s been to well over 100 Big Cheeses

He’s only missed one this year

On the surface, Calum Roberts might seem to be your normal Edinburgh student. The Engineering finalist likes a night out at P-row and Temple as well as being a big dog for ESCA helping them to organise their annual Race2Paris.

In his second year, Calum then took his love of the Big Cheese to whole new level. His regular attendance became a devotion and has barely missed one since. This year he went to every single Big Cheese, including the midweek ones, with the exception of the weekend he was in Paris raising thousands of pounds for charity. Even then, when we was going to Paris he dressed up in a Big Cheese costume just to make sure he wasn’t feeling left out. It even helped them get lifts on the way.

We got in touch with Calum to ask him a few questions about his Big Cheese devotion and to see whether we can learn some tips on how to big Cheese as much as him.

What time do you aim to be in the queue by? Usually rock up at half 10 most days and you can walk straight in then. If it’s gonna be a hectic one maybe queue for 20 minutes before it opens then head to pre-drinks after queueing.

How long do you stay there for? We actually leave our jackets in the Hugh Rob, it’s cheaper than the cloakroom and has no queue so we normally till the last song, and if it’s terrible then we’ll head off to get our jackets from Hugh Rob.

What’s your favourite Big Cheese tune? ‘Everytime We Touch’ gets the people going.

Favourite Big Cheese drink? Diesels downstairs and something that you can have fast and can’t spill upstairs. So that would be VK’s and vodka mixers etc.

Favourite VK flavour? Tropical, for life.

Do you club anywhere else and if so, where? Easing off a bit now but temple and propaganda are favourites.

What would you say to someone who’s never been to the Big Cheese? if you wanna have a night where you see everyone you’ve ever met at university whilst listening to music you secretly love but are probably ashamed to listen to elsewhere, it’s the place for you.

Any funny stories? Three stick out for me. My pal waking up in hospital with no injuries and no idea what happened/how he got there, and in the same night I woke up in my ruined big cheese costume head to toe completely drenched in water despite not getting in any on the way home – I found footprints in the shower though which probably explains that.

My friend was paralytic outside and was being comforted by a bouncer, and then he woke up in the morning to a friend request from him.

A lad on our football team goes to KFC before it closes, barters with the server and then smuggles in 20 chicken wings on a regular basis “for the boys.”

Calum is the person we should look up to and try to be.

Think you’ve been to more than this? Or do you have a different mad story? Let us know by emailing [email protected] or message our Facebook page.