I’m only half way through uni but I’m already dreading leaving Edinburgh

Thank fuck for the extra year

Despite only reaching the halfway point of my Edinburgh University career, I’m already dreading the day that I leave.

Having an extra year to put aside thinking about the real world is an absolute godsend. We’ve got more time for parties, going to P-row and enjoying this great city than most other students in the UK.There’s something almost inevitable for a lot of people our age about moving to London for our twenties. Moving down South, outside our comfort zones, is a scary prospect, but it’s not just a fear of the future that makes me dread leaving this great city.

It’s only recently that I’ve come to realise how lucky we are to be going to university in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Edinburgh is the perfect balance for students. It’s a tourist hotspot and a capital city, with a great variety of places to hang out whilst still being a uni town, where much of it is meant for us students.

Hive is unique

We’ve got the Royal Mile and New Town if you ever want to treat yourself a special occasion and despite the stunning city centre, we’re rarely ever annoyed by tourists (with the exception of that dog outside the Greyfriar’s Bobby, I won’t miss the crowds staring at that one bit). We’re also close enough for a spontaneous trip to the Highlands or even a ridiculously cheap weekend trip to Norway.

Imagine if the weather was always this good

Edinburgh is also home to a great mix of people. I know we complain about there being too many English people, but in reality we’re lucky to have such a diverse uni population. Outside of the Pollock bubble there are the English, but still a huge number of Scots and internationals, particularly from other places in Europe. When I came to uni, I definitely didn’t expect to have friends from so many places around the world.

The city and university itself is also perfect for people with completely different interests. We’re no Glasgow or Leeds, but we’ve got a pretty decent and varied nightlife compared to many other uni towns, that caters for people with different tastes (or everyone, i.e. hive). Nightlife aside, there’s loads on for everyone. Whether you’re into music, drama or sport, there are always stuff on to keep you busy.

Then there’s P-row.

The prospect of only having two more years of the Big Cheese experience saddens me. It divides opinion, but you’re unlikely to find a place where you can have fun without worry of being judged whilst bumping into so many people you know ever again. When else in life are you going to have a place where the same people drunkenly come to every week. Think about all those Big Cheese acquaintances that you’ll probably never see after you leave uni.

Just knowing that if you walk around Newington, Marchmont or walk through the meadows on a nice day you’re bound to see someone you’re friends with. This relatively closed community in such an objectively great place is something we’re lucky to have an unlikely ever to experience again.

Thankfully, I’ve still got two years left to enjoy every minute of it.