The return of library cat?

This is the first reported sighting since March

The last reported sighting of the cat, Jordan, was on March 13th. A potential sighting brings hope for library cat admirers across Edinburgh.

The sighting took place on Tuesday evening at 10.45pm, on the corner of Whitehouse Loan and Warrender Park Road next to Bruntsfield Links. Second Year History & Politics student, Ali Bath, witnessed what he believes to be the cat. He said: “I was on my way home and saw this cat coming towards me crossing the road, with white paws and white front left leg.

“It didn’t click with me straight away, but then I realised it looked a lot like my memory of library cat. As I took my phone out to take a picture it started running, hence the ambiguous photo, but I reckon it was him”.

The owner of Library Cat’s Facebook page acknowledged the sighting and the photo, saying “it could be him.”

Ali went on to say he always felt that he shared a bond with the library cat, and hopes that this sighting will lead to the famous cat being found. We encourage everyone around the area of the sighting to keep their eyes out and message us and Library Cat’s Facebook page with any potential sightings. It’s been over a month, but we remain optimistic.