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Instagram is an excellent method of trying to make people jealous of what you are doing with your life. We all have done that classic holiday insta, the cute one of you and your mum (that we all know will get you a shit tonne of likes) or one with amazing food that took you longer to get a good photo of than it took you to eat.

The permanently on holiday

These people are pros at making you jealous. They probably live overseas but they still like to flaunt their bronzed skin (or not so bronzed in some cases) and clear blue seas.

Life is a holiday for some

The foodie

They are always at the coolest restaurants and the food always look amazing. The truth is they spent ages getting the right light and making it not look slightly shit. It probably cost an absolute bomb as well and all you get was some avocado toast.

Food envy is so real

The selfie girl

The queen (or king) of the selfie. The lighting is always perfect, eyebrows are “on fleek” and have probably took 146 near identical photos to get the perfect one. I mean they look great but was all that time and effort worth 20 likes?


The cute one

They have the prettiest room, a cute dog, and essentially a perfect life. Expect pictures of cosy coffee shops, a perfectly made bed (which no one could normally achieve except a hotel cleaners ) and everything being seen through rose tinted spectacles.

The clubber

Always at the coolest clubs, they somehow don’t look sweaty or disgustingly drunk and are generally beautiful.

The artist/photographer

This can go one of two ways. Either they are amazing artists and deserve praise. Or it is a complete train-wreck.

It’s a painting. Promise.

We all have been one of these at some points in our lives.