Second-year interrupts lecture dressed as Shakespearean character

All the world is a stage

On Friday afternoon, Ben Horner, a second year informatics student, interrupted an English lecture dressed as a character from a Shakespeare play.

Wearing trunk hose and a doublet, Ben, mid-lecture, stood up and took to the stage as “Siegfried, the expelled President of Finland”. Reacting to the bizarre move, the freshers in the room were left baffled, wondering whether this was a dare, an elaborate prank or whether the 20-year-old had simply lost his marbles.

However, “though this be madness, yet there is method in ‘t”. Ben, according to another student accompanying him, made the announcement to promote a new play at ECA’s Wee Red Bar this week.

And who says actors aren’t attention seekers?

Ben plays the President of Finland in a devised piece of Shakespearean comedy, Bob, set in Scandinavia after the collapse of all IKEA furniture. Sounds hilarious.

The play is sponsored by the English Literature Department, resulting in suspicions that this “spontaneous” outburst was planned ahead of time in cahoots with the lecturer.

Caught mid-preparation

Regardless, the bizarre event livened up an end-of-week lecture.