How to get the Edinburgh look

It’s not hard, it’s just expensive

Realising you go to a uni where everyone around you looks like they’re reading off some fashion bible that you’ve never heard of, let alone seen, is depressing as fuck. So here’s the shortcut: a few tips on how to boost your fashion game and get that Edinburgh University look.

The Polo Neck


Have you been to Edinburgh in winter? Clearly not if you don’t have a polo neck. A look which is both sophisticated and practical. What more could you want.

The Baccie


Here’s a quick fix on your attempt to fit in. Buy yourself a pack of Golden Virginia, (not Amber Leaf) sit in your room for 12 whole hours and perfect the perfect roll. This creates the perfect badman/I-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-life impression. Next thing you know, everyone will be asking you for a light.

The cap


Oooh nice vintage Ralph Lauren cap brah. Etiquette has collapsed in our society. Yes we know it’s supposed to be rude to wear hats indoors but come on, it is ‘vintage’. The good thing about these caps is you can wear them even if it isn’t sunny (everyday in Scotland) and apparently they look sick accompanied with your favourite comfy sweats.

The Trainers

Everyone should own a pair of Superstars. Appropriate for every occasion. They kind of scream I love to party but only in the really cool, egdy places. Wear these on a night out and you’re guaranteed to bond with virtually everyone you pass over a mutual love for them.

The Fur Coat

The fur coat is a staple clothing article in Edinburgh, depicting social class as well as immeasurable amounts of attitude. For those of us who aren’t privileged enough to inherit such a hot piece from granny Anne, pop down to your local Armstrongs to get your very own.

The Macbook

I commemorate anyone who has the audacity to turn up to a lecture and actually whip out his or her HP laptop. Honestly if you don’t have a Macbook, get one immediately. Even if it means selling all of your shoes, it’s absolutely essential for your social development.

The Goose

The King of jackets. Ever wondered how to make everyone aware that you went to public school and go shooting with daddy at the weekend on the estate? Buy one of these. Edinburgh has a sort of non-exclusive societal hierarchy, which you can easily climb to the top of, just by draining your student loan by £800. What says I’m cool as fuck like wearing dead coyote fur?