An inside look at the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show

FYI light up trainers are back

As one of the most anticipated events in the Edinburgh calendar, the annual charity fashion show held in The Biscuit Factory was almost too edgy to handle.

After an introduction from DJ, R.R. Shaman, the dimly lit show kicked off with a walk showcasing Beam Shoes.

The models, cheekbones on point, also showed off graduate collections. Highlights including the threaded tailored creations of Ester Kubisz, and our very own Edinburgh College of Art’s Melissa Villevieille, whose striped and structured garments seemed to be a favourite.

During the interval, guests were allowed to explore the ‘upper concept space’ where there was live music, and most importantly, cocktails canapés provided by the popular Whistle Stop Barber Shop.

There was also art and handcrafted clothes on sale. We particularly loved the mosaic chairs of I am not a Bath: up-cycling at its best.

Half-way through the evening the backstage area was a go as Lauren Gollan Makeup Artistry touched up the models with Topshop products, and Medusa and Ruffians took care of any stray hair.

Models: Mia Aleksic and Miranda Rivett

Models: Sabrina Apostoloff and Amy Spencer

Model: Hodan Omaar

From music, to fashion to art, the night was a free platform to showcase some of Edinburgh’s most exquisite talent. But the show also featured some big name sponsors, with Pringle, Topshop and Topman all supporting the cause.

The committee’s charity this year was The Rock Trust. In its 25th year, the charity raises money for 80,000 young homeless people across the UK as part of the End Youth Homelessness campaign.

The ECFS chairwoman, Amber Coleman, described how the show was “really a vision put into action. The Rock Trust have been a really great charity to work with, and I am thrilled we have supported them.”

A great effort all round, and a lovely evening.

The rest of our pictures from the catwalk…