EUSA Presidential candidates revealed

There’s only two people running for President this year

EUSA have revealed the two candidates running for EUSA President for the next academic year.

The two men running are fourth year Economics student, Alec Edgecliffe-Johnson, and fourth year Politics student, Theo Robertson-Bonds.

Robertson-Bonds is making his second attempt at the EUSA presidency after narrowly losing to the incumbent, Jonny Ross-Tatam in last year’s election.

Last year’s winner, Jonny Ross-Tatam

A distinguishing feature of this year’s election will be the narrow field of candidates. Whilst in previous years there have been at least four options for the voters, there are only two candidates running this year.

Polls will open on March 7th, with voting for the election stopping at the same time as the referendum vote on March 10th.

It’s unclear whether people other than white men with double-barrelled surnames are eligible for the role of EUSA president.