How to choose rooms in your flat

Because drawing names out of a hat is so unoriginal

You’ve finally found a flat that is somewhat liveable, you’ve paid the deposit and signed the lease. You are now completely set for next year. The months of agonising who you are going to live with are over.

Alas, there is a new challenge before you.

Choosing rooms.

There are a variety of different ways that people choose rooms: here are some of the best ways to do it.

Picking out of a hat

It’s the classic one that everyone does. You can rest assured that no one can rig it. But somehow the chances of you being the one to get the box room with a single bed and no desk are high (because that is just how life works).

Shot roulette

One for the more adventurous flats. Get a round of shots for everyone (say you are in a flat of 5 for example) but make one of them water. Whoever gets the water gets last pick. Continue this until one person has consumed 5 shots of vodka and no water. The person who never drinks any water gets first choice and so on.


Unless you are one of those fabled females who love playing fifa and are good at it, this one is for the boys. Having a FIFA championship is one way that you can lie around and play fifa for hours and have a reasonably good excuse to do it. The overall winner gets first pick and so on..

Six Nations

While this only really works for six bed flats it is still fun and gives you a completely valid reason to go to the pub on both Saturday and Sunday and get really drunk. But it might mean you have to support France… (I did, it was a really difficult time for me).

Pizza race

Everyone loves a pizza. But most people go for a classic Dominos and then avidly track their pizza from their conception to their arrival. For this one person each orders a pizza from a different pizza delivery place. The person who’s pizza is first to arrive gets first pick and the person’s pizza who is last to arrive gets final pick. This is fun not only because you don’t know what’s going to happen but you can also find out who delivers pizza the fastest.


Go on Chatroulette (or other websites like this) and whoever sees a penis first in the fewest clicks gets to pick first. If you get female nudity before a penis you automatically get first pick.

Which way is it going to be?