It’s time to stop laughing at vapers

Helping people quit smoking is no joke

Yes, smoking is cool. But vaping is better.

When you were 16, all of the cool kids would smoke. Nowadays they reside in the hazy smoking area outside of clubs like Liquid Rooms and WhyNot. However, there is a new breed of pseudo-smokers out there to keep an eye on: vapers.

Vaping has a bad rep. This is because of the pretentious morons who blow really thick smoke in confined areas purely because it is currently legal. The smoke that is blown out isn’t as foul as cigarette smoke but it is reminiscent of the Cab Vol dance floor after so much dry ice has been pumped out that you can barely see the end of your nose.

Yes, vapes and e-cigs are a pretentious prop for some, but there are good things too.

There are an estimated 2.6 million people in the UK that use e-cigarettes alone. That’s a significant number of people that have decided to join the movement.

I have recently joined this slightly lame club too. It’s helped me stop smoking cigarettes, and while there are some that say that it’s still unhealthy and going to give me cancer, it’s much healthier than actual smoking, which is estimated to cost the NHS £2 billion every year.

Studies have shown that vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigs. This is because you are inhaling nicotine and water vapour, not nasty tobacco.

Besides the health benefits, vaping has its other uses too. As it lights up you can always find your friend in a club. The vaping light acts like a beacon to all of your friends.

There are also a variety of flavours which means that if you have one of the flirtier flavours, like cherry, you can use this to seduce your potential love interest. This is far sexier than smelling like an ashtray. Ultimately, the strong stench from cigarettes is an unattractive quality in any person –  no matter how beautiful they are otherwise.

In the long term, your teeth and fingers won’t turn yellow and your wrinkled skin won’t age you by 10 years. Your face and your stench will be way more bearable.

Your bank account also won’t be crippled; a packet of Marlboro golds cost around £9. This is expensive for a student, and pretty much anyone else. Vaping is so much cheaper and the cheapest kits (which include the pen, e-liquid and charger) cost only around £9.99.

It’s an initially slightly shameful plunge, but there’s no reason not go and buy a vape.

While you may not look like the coolest kid about town, if you feel the need to let off steam then there are a lot more positives to vaping than to smoking. Smoking is screws up your health and makes you, and everything around you, smell terrible. And, if done for long enough, it makes you look terrible too.

Ignore looking a little bit lame. Just laugh it off and people will stop mocking you very quickly. Before you know it, people will start asking for the occasional toke and soon enough your previous smoker friends will be vaping happily.

Vaping saves the NHS money, saves you money, and makes you nicer to be around and look at. And, let’s face it, it’s worth doing it for the life expectancy improvement alone.