The best places to cure a hangover, and the best places to get one

Hive, and all those niche hipster spots

While it is pretty easy to get a hangover, sometimes you just need that extra help to get there and back from it. Here are some of the best spots in Edinburgh to do just that.

Getting Hungover

Hive Pres

Hive is a place that holds a special place in all of our hearts whether you love it or hate it. Can you name every single night? Or is it because you were dragged there once in freshers week and woke up the next morning with the remnants of a questionable face paint job, that you thought was exactly what you needed to get lucky that night?

Regardless, the best way to enjoy Hive is to use it for pres. You can go to your planned destination for the evening, get stamped, and then head on over to Hive. This is both a time and money saver. Hive has free entry and an impressive selection of £1 drinks.

You can smash a few (or a lot) of double vodka cokes then head on back to your club of choice. This avoids both length queues and spending a ridiculous amount of money on drinks elsewhere.

Or you could just stay at Hive and bask in all its glory…

Finnegans Wake

You can get a bottle of wine for £6. Spirits and pints from £1.90. There is live music every night. Nothing else to say really.

Napier SU bar in The Three Sisters

Once you get past the excited crowds of men watching some variety of sport on the big screen and make your way up the slightly tucked away staircase at the back, there is a hidden gem. Although it is Napier’s SU, they have really got this one right. £2 pints or £4 for a double pint makes this place excellent fun.

It is good value and close to the Cowgate clubs. If you aren’t in the mood for them then you can stay put and head downstairs where, if you are lucky, there may be some karaoke going on where you can display your long hidden singing ability and can brag about how you were in the choir at school when you were in year nine.

Hangover recovery

Tree House Café

For the more sophisticated recovery where girls get together to gossip about the previous night’s antics. It isn’t a greasy spoon where you can go and drown your sorrows in bacon and eggs but a place where you can enjoy a huge stack of pancakes and a smoothie. The healthy option of pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, washed down with a smoothie, will give you that boost that you need to make it through the day.

The downside is that it’s in Bruntsfield, a little further away than ideal (unless you live in Bruntsfield that is). But this one is definitely worth the hike.


Located on Nicholson street it’s close enough to central that you can use that tricky hour break between lectures to soothe your broken body. Its got the classic, staple bacon rolls, and for those whose stomachs are feeling a little stronger you can branch out and get eggs benedict.

For the stalker within us all there are some excellent people watching opportunities. Or, you can just watch the world go by while you question all of your previous nights decisions.


Pizza is a hangover cure for a lot of people. Soderberg offers a variety of delicious pizzas that don’t bring the same level of guilt as eating a Dominos (for the healthy people out there). It’s located within Quartermile and is owned by Peters Yard so it’s going to be good.

There’s a brunch menu for weekends that goes until 4pm, ideal for the late risers. The Scandinavian options make the menu a little more exciting than just the standard British foods too. Because sometimes you need something a little more substantial than just a bacon roll to cure your alcohol induced pain.

Snax Café

Snax is described as having bacon that is the perfect mixture of crispy and sweet. Sometimes that is all you really need to cure a hangover. Whether you are struggling on your way to lectures or simply just need to sit quietly with your friends and feel sorry for yourselves Snax is the place to go.

When you are in a rush and flagging you can get a roll on the go which will help you get through that painful 9 am lecture. Or you can take a seat amongst the locals and feast on a selection of greasy delights. If worst comes to worst they do delivery.


We’ve all been in that situation when you wake up after a night out and can’t move without feeling nauseous. Where all you can do is wait it out and hope that one of your flatmates is nice enough to bring you a huge glass of water and give you the sympathy that you need and deserve. And when the time comes, and you can actually stomach something, you can order a Dominos and cuddle up with Netflix.

That’s what takeaways are for right?