Motor Sport club has car and go-kart stolen after break-in

The car has been recovered by the police

Edinburgh University Motor Sport Club have had a modified car and go-kart stolen from their lockup at Peffermill.

The theft took place over the Christmas holidays and the car has already been recovered by the police after an extensive social media campaign to look for it, although the go-kart remains missing.

The stolen (and recovered)  Vauxhall Nova in action

The President of EUMSC, Jonathan Chow said: “The club’s lockup down at Peffermill was broken into between 30th December and 2nd January, where three of the four locks were badly damaged. Items taken are a modified Vauxhall Nova car used in ‘autotest’ events, a go-kart, a racing helmet and a pair of karting boots.

“Apart from reporting the incident to the police, we also shared information about the lost items on the club’s facebook page, which was shared 189 times. The incident was also tweeted by Edinburgh Police and reported in Edinburgh Evening News. Yesterday a group member of our page came across a post on the ‘Edinburgh live news’ facebook page, about our car being spotted out in Niddrie, and shared that post on our facebook page.”

The missing go-kart

The police then recovered the car,  which despite being worth very little, has great sentimental value to those at the club. “Only the car has been found though but it’s a car that’s been with the club for at least 15 years and generations of members have worked on it, so even though it isn’t worth much money-wise, its sentimental value is certainly very high.”

Chow is also hoping to work with the university to ensure that future thefts can be prevented. He said: “Next step for us is to get in touch with Sports Union and University security to discuss what we can do to improve security measures at the lockup.”

The search for the go-kart continues.