EUSA ‘disappointed’ at student who blacked up for Big Cheese on Halloween

He used shoe polish

One student used shoe polish to black up for last week’s Big Cheese Halloween night.

Urte Macikene, vice president of Student Services, told The Tab: ” I am extremely disappointed that a student in blackface managed to get past our staff on Saturday night, but I am also extremely disappointed that this is still an issue in 2015.

“We take this issue very seriously and will be investigating further.”

When contacted for a comment, EUSA’s marketing team were keen to establish their strict offensive offensive costume policy, which “sets out which costumes are refused entry in our venues, including blackface.”

One fellow clubber said: “What an arsehole.”

Other banned costumes include those stereotyping the LGBT and disabled communities, costumes mocking culturally sensitive events, and those stereotyping other cultures, including costumes based upon film characters such as Pocahontas.

Halloween done right. (Photo credit: Elliot Gilmour Creative)

Common Halloween costumes, such as Native American and Mexican dress, are being increasingly criticised for their cultural appropriation, in adopting the dress or race of ethnic groups that have been historically discriminated against.

In an attempt to enforce their ‘safe space’ policy EUSA previously launched the 2014 ‘Is Your Halloween Costume Offensive?’ campaign, featuring flow chart graphics to help students identify if their costumes might be considered offensive, although it may appear that this campaign did not reach all members of the student body.